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Here Technologies (trading as Here) is a Netherlands-based company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. It is majority-owned by a consortium of German automotive companies (namely Audi, BMW, and Daimler), whilst other companies also own minority stakes. Its roots date back to U.S.-based Navteq in 1985, which was acquired by Finland-based Nokia


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TGO (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work in a place where mediocrity is rewarded and hard work is seen as a threat, you will thrive at Here. On a typical day, you will see people working hard on improving video game rankings, taking naps and eating cake to celebrate the birthday of a person they don't even know. 'Management' has no skill to or interest in developing people, and couldn't care less about the disfunction surrounding them. Working at Here will get you nowhere by there."

Project Lead (Former Employee) says

"Focus has changed from high quality work to high volume with no regard for quality. Management is very good, and everyone in my location was great to work with.Benefits, Pto, WfhPoor executive level management"

Business Intelligence Manager (Former Employee) says

"Constantly changing management and no set goals. No Direction."

Lead Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Not stable management. Difficult to have work life balance. More legacy support. Hard to find opportunity to work on new technologies"

Sr. Manager, IT (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst company I have ever worked for. Well, it was Nokia and Nokia is known for it is good benefits and a great support for their employees. However, usually job experience is always related to the managers you report to, and the group of people you are working with. Sometimes, a stupid decision is made to hire VP from the junk so that guy starts to bring all his colleagues that share the same values. Then it turns out to be a zoo. The ones in Alpharetta are terrible. Bunch of bodies running the place and have no experience whatsoever. That manager and his friends are taking advantage of the company getting the best laptops and paying for training, travel, and exams and more, while other groups can not even get reimbursed a 150 USD that they paid to pass a technical exam. Open discrimination. it is a very terrible place. They are very unprofessional.Nothing is good their"

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Nothing thought out as far as the Leadership team and strategies. No career advancements The only ones impressed with the leadership team is themselves. Poor management Benefit cuts one after the other"

GIS Analyst (Current Employee) says

"- Management is worst. - No support from upper management - Pl will screw your life for not buttering him/ her - Increment doesn't depend on how hard you are working. It depends upon how your relation is with your pl. - HR doesn't support you even after telling all these problems"

Field Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company could be great, but has been in constant change for 6-8 years. Culture went from family like to a business case study. It will have success, but at the expense of being a great place to work."

Senior Data Center Operations Engineer (Current Employee) says

"In my experience, doing a round of layoff every year or so creates a climate of anxiety. They renovated the offices, but insisted they needed to cut coffeejob insecurity"

Map modeler 1 (Current Employee) says

"Not paid as much we work. It's 1 year 6 months I kept asking to increase atleast to that its easy to survive in Mumbai but they don't hear. They don't even know what's the minimum amount needed to live in a city. HR just knows how to hire people as low as possible. Please learn and check what's the minimum amount if a person is outsider and coming to your city for work. Rent, food, groceries everything comies comes with money"

Technical Specialist I (GIS Specialist) says

"Company closed the local office and most all of the employees are now unemployed. Not a good company. All work was shipped to India where quality of work is poor."

Geografo (Former Employee) says

"La empresa está muy relajada para trabajar. No es pesado, y tienes tiempo para más actividades. El trabajo no es complicado y no requieres mucho grado de estudio o especialización. Sólo tener habilidades de "Data Entry" por lo general. Con una carrera técnica o incluso a distancia, puedes ser considerado e incluso trabajar ahí. Hay muchas fiestas, y actividades. Lo único malo es que pagan muy poco. 8 mil a 15 mil pesos al mes (en promedio y si te va bien). Sales y te das cuenta que los demás salarios en el mercado laboral están más competitivos. Es buena empresa para empezar o para personas que necesitan un trabajo no muy demandante"

Senior Payroll Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management knows what the problem is but they are so complacent in their jobs to care. A lot favoritism there and people that are not held accountable for their work and actions."

VP Engineering (Former Employee) says

"HERE hat den Anspruch, “Platform Player” im Markt für “Location services” zu werden und damit den Rückgang im angestammten elektronischen Karten-Geschäft tauschen kompensieren.Allerdings tut das Unternehmen sich mit der notwendigen Transformation und den dafür erforderlichen Investitionen in Werkzeuge, Verfahren und vor allem entsprechende Mitarbeiter sehr schwer. Die aktuellen wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten der hauptsächlichen Anteilseigner und mehrheitlichen Kunden aus der Automobilindustrie geben dieser Transformation keinen weiteren Schwung, sondern erfordern bisweilen sogar gegenläufige Aktivitäten.Interessanter MarktHoher Druck zur Kostensenkung"

Analista (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que tiene salarios bajos, las actividades son repetitivas, los procesos se diseñan en el extranjero en su mayoría y en el sitio en León México se dedican más a duplicar tareas que se asignan previamente. Es la razón probablemente del salario bajo y por lo mismo no hay muchos retos, mucho tiempo libre, si te gustan los retos y la innovación, esta empresa no es opción. Falta trabajar en la cultura de algunos gerentes, en la educación, les falta preparación (académica y a algunos ética). Inviertan en eso, en lugar de en tanta reunión, festejo y tiempo ociosoMucho tiempo libreAlgunos gerentes urgen de preparación, y por favor trabajen en verdad en su cultura laboral"

PCO General (Former Employee) says

"Navigation Technologies, Navtech, NAVTEQ, HERE Technologies, once epitomized the premier map database. Now there is no attention to map database quality and there is the mystic vision of becoming Google. There is no job security here for you my friends. Corporate desire and information will ultimately run this company into bankruptcy. After over 30 years and the creation of this map databases in many countries. The corporate emperors will surrender all that matters and is dear to our hearts, for an egoistic check that will see them off to the next destruction...Great company with great employees.Corporate douches with short term goals."

PARALEGAL - Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The next change of command do not know what the other person does or do. You have to figure out your job description. There is no set rules or regulations.DiverseDiverse, but not employee friends.y"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company has really had a lot of change to do, as many realized the future of mapped didn't lay in that path of the past. It is very command and control and there is a lot of micromanagement. The silos of the team are strongly separated so the segment I work in may be worse IRT the previous comments. Other segments could be much better!Pay, work/life balance, growth opportunities, some teams seem happyIndustrial paradigm, soul crushing, negative management styles, stressful market conditions"

Unknown (Former Employee) says

"The management always speaks of "HERE Values", but in practical there is no HERE Values. There is no job security. There is no room for work-experience growth or job advancement. They intake people with heavy technical job descriptions. But once you are inside you realise that the company is just involved in creating mere data. Ruled by some clueless management people speaking heavy-heavy phrases in every quarter report showing loses. The management is very good in justifying quarter losses.Free snacksNo job security"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The latest round of senior management is very removed from the rank and file. Brought on cronies from the last place they worked at instead of promoting from within."

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